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BAT95-V6 Hazardous Location LED Explosion Proof Light

BAT95-V6 Hazardous Location LED Explosion Proof Light

Atex Certified Explosion Proof High Bay Lighting, suitable for Zone 1 &2 and Zone 21 & 22. Class 1 div 2 led light fixtures. Hazardous location lighting fixtures.

◆ Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, surface high-pressure electrostatic spraying:  Highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel exposed fasteners; and Stainless steel exposed fasteners with high corrosion resistance;.
◆ High borosilicate physical toughened glass transparent cover, fogging anti-glare design, anti-thermal fusion, light transmittance up to 90%;

◆ Stop-port explosion-proof form, explosion-proof performance is more reliable;

◆ Professional design of anti-glare design, anti-thermal fusion, light transmittance up to 90.

◆ Specialized design of light distribution system.
Professional design of light distribution system, high light efficiency, high utilization rate, reasonable light distribution, uniform illumination.
◆ Professional design of internal protection structure, to ensure the normal work in the bad state;
◆ Professional heat insulation technology, special heat insulation material, effective isolation of heat conduction, to ensure the reliable work of the product;
Special constant current and constant voltage power supply, wide voltage input, constant power output, with constant current, open circuit protection, short circuit protection and other functions;
◆ Can be equipped with emergency devices according to requirements, when the power supply power failure, the lamps and lanterns are automatically switched to the emergency lighting state.

 Item Number BAT95-V6
Product Power 20/30/40/50/60W
Input Voltage 85-265V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Power Factor 0.95
EX-Mark Ex d e mb II C T6 Gb
IP Rating IP66
Protection Grade WF2
CRI Ra>70
Light Efficiency ≥120 lm/W
Ambient Temp -25℃~+55℃
Service Life >50000H


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